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As Jonas recounted this story on the balcony, Nene reacted dismissively. The Guptas might be well connected and could roll over lesser officials, but the idea they could depose a sitting finance minister seemed absurd. He told Jonas.

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Fifth Street like many BDCs has sought to at least match distribution levels to “recurring earnings”, which usually means GAAP Net Investment Income to many investors. However, a BDC is required to distribute its Taxable Income, which is different. Anyway, in FY 2015, the Company reported GAAP Net Investment Income of $114.9mn versus distributions of $120.6mn (page 97) and estimated Taxable Income of $121.1mn (pages 153 154)..

Make sure that you have checked all pockets for any cash or other valuables. You will need to take at least 20 worth of coins so that you can change the notes that shoppers arrive with. Also take lots of plastic carrier bags.

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