Riley’s Reflections

I want to begin this post by thanking everyone who not only made Project Jumpstart possible, but who made it a true success. I mentioned in my last update that I’d go into greater detail on everyone’s generosity and selflessness, so here it goes. When I started this process back in February, I wasn’t sure … Continued

Summer Wrap-Up Q&A With Leah

By: Leah Daniel

Tell us a little about what you did this summer.  I had a two-part summer experience, so I spent time in both San Diego, CA and Tarboro, NC. I attended the National Rural Health Association’s Annual Conference in SD. I also interned at the Edgecombe County Health Department (ECHD) working on Maternal and Child Health … Continued

Project Jumpstart

We’re officially done with the first two days of Project Jumpstart! But, before I go into detail on the start of Week One, let me give you a little bit of background on the program: Project Jumpstart was a brainchild of mine that originated a year or so ago when one of the Karen refugee … Continued

A Greater Perspective

By: Drake Buxton

Hello! It’s been a solid 7 weeks since I first arrived in South Africa. While it certainly feels more familiar now, I wanted this blog to reflect on some takeaways I’ve had from my experience that go beyond my work environment. So far, I’ve been lucky enough to experience a myriad of pockets across South … Continued